Prayer is the primary work of God’s people.

Yes, we believe that. God, in his sovereignty, determined that the prayers of regular people like you and me can change things. They can change circumstances. They can change hearts. They can change destinies.

One way we put this belief into practice is by gathering to pray for healing, protection, provision, comfort, peace, and for the gospel of Jesus to go forth unhindered by economic shut-downs.

You’re invited to join one of our weekly prayer gatherings:

  1. MONDAY @ 12:00 PM

Led by Justin Garden & Bill Weaver (Brick)

  1. WEDNESDAY @ 6:30 PM

Led by Donna Hack & Barbara Hale over Zoom

  1. THURSDAY @ 9:00 AM

Led by Pastor Chris & Debbie Robertson at the church office

How can we pray for you?

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We believe God answers prayer!


We fast weekly as a way to channel our hunger for food into a greater hunger for God — for his kingdom, his power, and his presence. This excerpt from Practicing the Power captures the heart of fasting.

Would you like to join us in asking God for big, bold, miracles?!

Sign up below to receive an email every Tuesday morning with a list of things we’re asking God to do (like restore marriages and protect our brothers and sisters in the Middle East). Then skip a meal or two on Tuesday and give that time to God in prayer. Some forego their morning coffee or sweets instead of a meal.

Not able to fast at this time?

That’s OK — we’d still love to have you to pray with us!


We fast & pray together every Tuesday!


Pastor Rigo shares a testimony from his own life about the connection between fasting and God’s provision.

A few of our leaders share their experience from a 3-day fast. They discuss the spiritual and health benefits of fasting, the importance of making time for prayer, and practical tips for navigating the hard moments.


Every March we lay out our prayer goals for the next 12 months. Here’s what our pastoral team and executive board believe God wants us to focus on and pray for this year (2021):

1. Multiply Our Prayer Gatherings From 2 to 10

There’s so much we want to see happen! More people healed, more marriages restored, more strongholds of addiction broken, more loved ones coming to Jesus, and more of our people fighting for justice in our local communities.

The first step to accomplish any of this is prayer. We want to lead with prayer, make decisions through prayer, and truly embrace the belief that, “God, in his sovereignty, has ordained that the prayers of his people actually change things.”

One way to make sure we’re embracing this belief — in addition to churchwide fasts and individual prayer rhythms — is to have more weekly prayer gatherings.

Click here for a current list of our weekly prayer gatherings.

2. Raise $2 Million in Cash for a New Church Home

We want a home base for our Sunday gatherings and mid-week small groups, yes, but also to serve the surrounding community as a missional outpost. We believe followers of Jesus are called to talk about him and represent him by serving our neighborhoods and townships. Here are a few ways a building could help us do this:

  • Offer English as a Second Language classes
  • Tutor teenagers from at-risk neighborhoods
  • Hold support groups for women in crisis pregnancies
  • Allow groups like AA and NA to use our facilities
  • Provide marriage restoration coaching
  • Start a food pantry … and more!

In order to make sure we continue to give 25% of our income to missions (and increase that percentage each year), we refuse to overextend ourselves on a mortgage. $2 million cash will allow us to purchase and renovate a building without it affecting our missions giving.

Click here to contribute to our building fund and help us purchase a new home.

3. Baptize 25 People

We want to reach more and more people with the good news of Jesus! If we’re faithful to pray for more workers in the field (Matthew 9:38), pray for blind eyes to be opened by God’s light (2 Corinthians 4:4-6), and let down our nets as the Spirit leads us (Luke 5:1-10), we believe we’ll see more people place their faith in Jesus!

Some of those people are already in our church! Seeds have been sown, and this year those seeds will grow and bear fruit.

There are also people among us who know about Jesus and may even call themselves Christians, but don’t truly know him. They haven’t fully surrendered their lives to him. If God is drawing them to their knees to give him more than lip service, then baptism is the primary way to draw that line in the sand and declare: “Jesus paid for me, and I’m going to live my life for him by the power of his Spirit.”

Click here to be baptized or to learn more about water baptism.

4. Identify Four People to be Sent Out as International Workers or Church Planters

Our vision is to send out 70 people by 2027 who are called to uproot their lives and plant new roots in new communities so new people have access to the good news of Jesus!

Last year we sent out Joe & April Walters to help launch Remnant Church in Long Branch.

This year we’re asking God to call four more of our people to leave True Life and serve as missionaries in unreached parts of the world or to help establish new local churches.

Click here if you’d like to speak with someone about your passion to serve Jesus this way.


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